The inner self

The confrontation with my inner self, which mainly takes place during the creative process, for me, is an elementary and comprehensive engagement of myself with my environment and my fellow human beings, the whole life. It means dealing with myself, in order to meet my own requirements and a fight for acceptance and love from my counterpart. We are all looking for acceptance and we all have a craving for love inside of us. This craving inside of me not only extends to my person, but first of all to my own creative work, which for me is the expression of my inner self. Of Sartre´s autobiographical writings we learn from an interview with Michel Contat, Sartre appreciated people who want everything, because he also had wanted everything. Certainly you do not achieve everything, but you have to want everything. I want to measure up to the best and I want to be measured by their work. The own context, the social environment and the resulting cultural character are the basic principles for my work. The daily confrontation with my context serves to bring out the best in me. I am convinced that only the search for truthfulness and fulfilment provides the basis for one’s own clear expression. For me this is the biggest challenge. The fundamental question in a human being’s reflections, also without believe in a higher power, without believe in life after death, is the question of the sense of being in this world and the own contribution made to it. This has lead to my opinion that my activities, which represent an intervention into the environment, first of all my activities as an architect, should contribute to the improvement of existing situations. Of course my work and associated therewith taking a stand also always implies the danger of experiencing a defeat or even total failure. I am, however, of the opinion that it is only possible by active involvement, to develop one’s own personality. My objective is, to develop a clear attitude that goes beyond ostensible consideration and generally applicable criteria of urban development, proportionality or function fulfilment. I call it poetics or beauty. In this context I am referring to the beauty concept of the aesthetic theory of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten. He defined aesthetics as the theory of sen [...]

Sometimes, however, I would like to drop everything. I would like to stop thinking this way and acting this way. Strong self-doubts arise, if it is right, how I think or act. I wonder, whether I have to permanently swim against the current. It takes a lot of energy and from time to time it extremely raises my frustration. Then I always remember my time as a pupil, when, in the figurative sense, the majori [...]


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Body Sceneries

We are dealing with the human body ● in a different sense ● with topology ● lines ● material use ● as an approach to ● architecture ● landscape ● art ● rather than fashion [...]

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The project is named Zirbenstube. How did you come to this name and is there a link to the most people´s attitude when they think of this name? This project had a longer design process. In the first phase it was simply not consistent. In a clients meeting we were discussing about materials and suddenly the swiss pine stone (German: Zirbe) came to our mind and directly we were thinking of the word Zirbenstube. We introduced the idea immediately and the clients looked at us in a very septical way. Of course they connected the word with pseudo-alpine, rustic kitsch buildings. However, for us this word or the wood Zirbe was exactly the missing link in the design process. Because for us it connoted a traditional living space, a parlor in the alpine area. Besides the main materials wood and concrete you integrated leather to the concept. To which extent do architecture and material interact? In a certain way everything interacts with each other. Therefore the demands for the leather were the same as for the other materials. We did a long research fo [...]

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